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Announcing Attentat

A journal of collision


Attentat is intended to explore the collision between anarchist and nihilist ideas. The position itself is more about the collision than about words (or labels). For too long we have suffered the limitations of words and identities that collapse into insignificance. That crumble before gaining the corresponding heft of a weapon or tool one is led to believe they will develop into. The big ideas the 19th and 20th century have to be recognized as not important in the same way anymore. Still around, haunting, but not on the tips of our tongues or the back of our minds.

Attentat explores a history and set of ideas intended to collide with what exists and explode!

Table of Contents

Art of Nothing
The Black Banner (Черное Знамия)
A Critique of Critique
A Howl Against Marx
Professional Anarchy and Theoretical Disarmament: On Insurrectionalism
Insurrectionary Anarchism as Activism
History as Decomposition
Attentat: Nihilism as Strategy II

Where can you find this? How about Little Black Cart!